Monday, 17 October 2016

Go travel? Lets!

"3 Tempat Yang Kamu Teringin Sangat Nak Pergi"

Lets straight to the point.Firsly tempat yang i nk pergi ofcourse lah Mekah like sape je tak nak Mekah en???? Okay opah dgn atuk selalu gila ajak pergi sana like wehh hahahahaha macam murah je. Because dia selalu gila cakap Mekah is like the best place ever. Kalau sekali dah jejak mmg tak nak balik and sebulan tu is never enough! Nampak tak??!!! Well, yelah Mekah is the Holy Land after all, where the blessings are there and we can never get enough of the peaceful there. So yeah obviously. Plus, Mekah is not just a typical place to travel. Its the the noble land where Muslims take the chance to cleanse their heart and perform HAJJ (haji) and UMRAH as well.

Secondly, i really wanna go to

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